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Light up your battlefield with the world’s first illuminated gaming chair with human LED sensor.

With it’s ergo-structured body shape, the E-Blue Auroza X1 Gaming Chair perfectly supports your body for maximum comfort!

Built with high-quality, ultra filament leather for comfort and durability, the Auroza X1 Gaming chair features multiple adjusting systems for more customization and personal preference.

The Auroza X1 is nearly twice as sturdy and durable as most steel-tubes on the market. 

  • Black & Red color
  • Ultra filament leather with better abrasion resistance and toughness.
  • Class 4 TUV Gas Spring.
  • Aluminum alloy five-point base.
  • Durable one-piece backrest cover.
  • Built-in human LED sensing technology.
  • Lockable tilt functions for reclining 118 degrees.
  • Easily-adjustable 360 degree armrests.
  • Up to 1500kg of static loading weight.
  • Exclusive damper wheels designed for gamers.

PC Gamer: (BEST PC Gaming Chair) “The most comfortable gaming chair”

FOX Channels: “Loving this Glowing Game Chair”

Modders Inc: “Has a special touch that no other chair has”

Donthatethegeek: “The E-Blue Auroza X1 has been one of my favorite chairs to date to review”

Tech Of Tomorrow: “The Ultimate Gaming Chair”


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